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Join the M Studio and Bridge the Gap!

M Studio is a travel, work, creativity, and meditation retreat. Don’t just unplug. Join us to activate your personal, career and business goals in some of the most inspirational places on the planet.

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The M Program is YOUR program

Grab your meditation benefits and apply them to your organization.

Time to Get Meditation Out Of The Closet.

M Program is a bridge and platform to help you benefit from meditation in your career and amplify the impact within your organization. Visit the trailblazing leaders that have made meditation an important part of their success.

If They Can Do It, YOU Can Do It

What? You Don’t Want Super Hero Powers!?

M Program starts with people and goes on to change organizations. Learn about the benefits of meditation for employees, teams, and leaders.

Why Meditate? Power Up!

“This is Going to Change Everything”

“I don’t really know what else to say. This is really what everyone needed. While everyone is focusing on the emerging technology, this program is focusing on changing perceptions. They are building people up through community. This is really going to take off. “ – M Magazine

It was truly one of the things I always looked forward to most about my job. Thanks for your originality, your spontaneity, and your irreverence. You’re one of the good ones.
Rita, Wisdom 2.0
JP’s work and the M Program? Feels like destiny unfolding. Wow!
Jay, Goodpin
GENIUS! Not surprised are magic.

Read the Secret Story of Origami Troji

Looking for the heart and soul of our corporate program? Need a way to get everyone talking about meditation at work. We have you covered. Meet our ambassador: Troji

Meet the Ambassador

Don’t Get Left Behind

Think Mediation does not belong in your organization? Think again.

Time to Change Your World?

M Program starts with people and goes on to change organizations. Apply to bring the M Program into your workplace. It will change everything (in a good way). You deserve the shift that meditation brings.


These Are Your M Power Tools

We keep adding data points to our knowledge source corporate meditation blog. Enjoy free short videos, free corporate meditation books, and other research that underscores the power and potential of adding meditation to your work activities.

Get Inspired at the Knowledge Source

If these great videos and free resources don’t get you inspired, not quite sure what will. Meditation power Trailblazers and Translators share their insights with you for free. This is your platform. Use it!

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We need amazing people to help us activate our mission. This is that “ground floor” opportunity you were destined to join.

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M Program starts with people that have heart and vision. We are changing the world one meditation at a time.

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