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Meditation Trend Search Proxy

Let’s chart the growth of interest between mindfulness, meditation and yoga in the USA since 2004. These links use google trends as a proxy.

Meditation vs. Yoga
Mindfulness vs. Meditation

McKinsey Article: Design with Empathy.

A Clear Path to Corporate Performance: Showing the importance of empathy at the heart of design driven culture. How do you support a culture of empathy?


McKinsey Article: Why Leadership Development Programs Fail

Failure to measure results of leadership training. Unless core cultural programs are established, how can any short term leadership program have long term impact?  M program is actively engaged with the challenge of delivering long-term, measurable results for the organization.


The Challenge of Seeing Meditation Only Through a Scientific Lens

The corporate context asks us to prove the benefits of meditation. It often asks us to use mathematics, economics, or science before the gates can be opened. Sharon shares a few thoughts about this situation.


McKinsey Article: How Centered Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Results

“Our senior team is always talking about changing the organization, changing the mind-sets and behavior of everyone. Now I see that transformation is not about that. It starts with me and my willingness and ability to transform myself. Only then will others transform.”


How Meditation Can Make You A Better Leader

Randel S. Carlock, Berghmans Lhoist Chaired Professor in Entrepreneurial Leadership at INSEAD explains “how powerful this tool [meditation] was.”


Kobe Bryant Powers Up Every Day With Meditation

Super short video of an all-start athlete openly talking about meditation and impact.

Corporate Wellness Plan Example

This Corporate Wellness Toolkit provides a good introduction to the overall wellness challenge. Of course, it does not mention meditation once… but uses two (2) pictures of meditation. Guess they did not know about M Program.


Tribal Leadership Book (free)

This is a must read. Although not as polished as “The seven secrets of highly successful people” or as descriptive as “Good to great”, understanding the difference between stage 3 and stage 4 leadership is critical to your success. Meditation inside the corporation is foundational to this shift and the subsequent possibilities of stage 5.


Mediation is the foundation of Emotional Intelligence

Meng helps translate for a Western audience by Using the Google Example. This is a MUST WATCH. Enjoy.