Project Description

Meet Carin!

In your view, what is special about meditation?
M Program
Meditation is the most powerful gift we have been give on earth outside of drinking water and trees! Mindfulness changes not only the neural pathway of your mind but can change your entire interface with the world.

Meditation has the ability to move you into an internal place of peace and centered focus, regardless of external circumstances. Meditation allows you to let go of negative thoughts that no longer serve you and invite in positive thoughts in which you can find brilliance, meaning and purpose.
Meditation invites you to move into a state of relaxation that oftentimes allows for positive emotional states that include a sense of gratitude, compassion and a better understand of ourselves and others.

Meditation is a gift that is always an option to open.

Why do you think meditation belongs in the corporation?
M Program
Primarily because people are outrageously stressed in the corporate world. People who work intensely tend to hold their breath all day long.

Without learning the basic practicing of mindfulness, it is likely that one is wildly overloaded with technology and therefore prone to ineffective multi-tasking.

Many people in the corporate world underestimate or do not understand the value and the multitude of benefits that being fully present offers.

Additionally, mindfulness helps people cultivate empathy and compassion which builds trust and effectiveness within corporate culture, making for a more effective team.

What character traits do your colleagues seek in you?
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Growing up, what was your dream job?
M Program
Joining the Peace Corp in Africa and somehow driving a green Jaguar convertible to work.
What is your favorite place on earth?
M Program
There was a tree house in Molokai, Hawaii where I stayed alone for ten days once and felt a total sense of peace. During high tide the ocean tide would come under the tree and coconuts would fall on the tin roof and wake me up at night. That was my favorite place in the world.
What is your most important food?
M Program
Lobster- steamed, extra butter.
When not volunteering, what can we find you doing?
M Program
Walking in the Foothills of Palo Alto
Drinking a latte at Coupa Cafe
Practicing Downward Dog in my patio
Walking at the beach on Long Island or Santa Cruz
Watching live music in NYC or SF
Glued to my mac like a straight up addict
Meditating in Mountain View
Spending quality time with my siblings or parents on Long Island
Visiting my friends in NY
Dancing to iTunes in my living room

Languages: English