M Program Model

We are a platform to help institutional leaders establish meditation and it’s benefits in the corporate environment. We bridge, elevate, and curate content and relationships between translators, trailblazers and leaders ready to “take it to the next level”. We partner with registered charities with the aim of providing a % of our revenues to charities that need new sources of revenue for their impactful work. We are a professional organization that helps evaluate, train and support M Program People (MPPs). These authentic champions have the right balance of business experience, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and meditation knowledge. Our program establishes a dynamic center where employees and leaders are invited to experience meditation, benefit from an authentic community, and elevate their experience to full potential. Although we are often sought to counter the effects of stress in the workplace, we believe meditation is also an excellent amplifier in healthy organizational cultures – It’s a journey from suffering to super hero level clarity. The M Program is a bridge and a platform toward truly evaluating the impact of meditation in the workplace. Our bias and mission is grounded in the belief that all leaders, teams, and employees can greatly benefit from corporate meditation centers of excellence.

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Our Model is to Lift all Boats on the Tide of Meditation Impact.
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