Step 1


The first step is to Apply. We appreciate you sharing your time and thoughts with us.


Step 2

Step 2 is the best step ever. Just relax and enjoy the fact that we will get back to you in a few days.

Step 3

Step 3 provides a discreet opportunity to ask questions and identify potential. We will reach out to you for an initial conversation with the details you provide in your application.

Step 4

Once a decision is made, we can now complete paperwork, payment details, and identify an executive sponsor if necessary.

Step 5

Over the course of any program, we encourage a daily meditation routine and do our best to provide one (1) optional family-friendly off-site gathering per week at a local studio.

Step 6

For those completing an 8 or 12 week program, Step 6 represents the impact assessment when the program is evaluated, tabulated and presented for evaluation.

Step 7

At Step 7, you can choose to nurture or dismantle the program and its benefits. Choosing to continue opens the door to ongoing engagement with your facilitator(s). They become an important part of your corporate culture.

Step 8

Power Forward
The final step is to make meditation a center of excellence in your corporate culture. As groups mature in their meditation, the role of the facilitator will shift from leading simple meditations to becoming an anchor for your success and culture.
Step Up to Your Full Potential

Step Up!

Want to discuss specific steps or ask detailed questions? Please visit the application area as it is always the first step.
Step Up to Your Full Potential