Welcome to the M Studio

The M studio is a collaborative place established each month in a new location to help you get the most out of life. It’s one part work. Bring your laptop. It’s one part creativity. Build with your ideas. It’s one part travel. Have fun exploring. It’s one part inner journey. Be prepared to love meditation. In most cases, we recommend accommodation choices, from free to luxury, that are within walking distance to facilitate a thriving experience.
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San Francisco Meditation Retreat

Meditation Retreat San Francisco
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Costa Rica Meditation Retreat

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New York City Meditation Retreat

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France Meditation Retreat

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Bali Meditation Retreat

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Nepal Meditation Retreat

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Hong Kong – Shenzhen Meditation Retreat

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Hawaii Meditation Retreat

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What does your wisdom tell you?

Dive into something epic. A place and time where your work and life align perfectly. Your active and expanding self awaits.

DETAILS – M Studio meditation retreats

How it works

The M studio is a collaboration space established each month in a new location to help you get the most out of life. It’s one part work. Bring your laptop. It’s one part creativity. Build with your ideas. It’s one part travel. Have fun exploring. It’s one part inner journey. Be prepared to love meditation. Be prepared to enjoy epic life.

With regard to accommodations, we provide  suggestions, from free to luxury – all within walking distance. This creates a village experience that helps everyone thrive.

  • Connect – Make connections with people and learn from each other, build your network and thrive from the energy!
  • Fun travel – Explore and get inspired by what’s around you.
  • Luminaries – Spend time with authentic thought leaders sharing insight and inspiration.
  • Feedback – Build trust, ask questions, and engaged your core challenges from personal to career to business.
  • Activate – Share. Learn. Mentor. Inspire. Collaborate. Uncover. Break. Open. Change. Be. Understand. Lead. Renew.
  • Meditation – Enjoy building life strength and insight. Your new friends are experienced meditators.
  • Themes. We align M studio time with local culture to extend the opportunities for inspiration and curiosity.
  • Projects. Work on your own projects of join one of the M Studio theme projects. You decide!
  • Wifi connection. Get your insights aligned with your work and stay connected with your world.
  • Be Legend. Be epic in your own life and an important part of the M Nation as it grows to impact the world.

Stop choosing between work and life. Jump into the M Studio whenever you can. It’s life worth living.


M studio corporate meditation retreats

Why is M Studio different?

After working with corporate meditation programs for some time, we wanted to create something fresh. What if work and meditation could be combined? What if life and meditation could be aligned? What if we trained to live every week of our lives with the exhilaration of travel and creativity? What if we had a group of friends that supported us to live fully in our lives, our work, our relationships, and our inner journey? What if we felt truly supported by those around us and worked for a week with no mask? What if we learned to breathe in life and exhale the focus of our full potential.

  • Why Should I come? No matter what your starting point, enjoy living AND working in alignment.
  • How will I benefit? One week to discover your focus, activate your vision and live with purpose. All within your control at your own pace.
  • How should I prepare? Be yourself. The M Studio will take care of the rest (Remember to book all your travel).
  • Who should I bring? Work life balance includes colleagues, friends, bosses, family, staff, teacher, professor, kids, mate. Bring four (4) people and you can join for free.
  • What should I bring? Bring your goals, projects and remember to view the travel information link. Be ready for powerful changes.

Jump on a plane. Bring your laptop. Bring your authentic self. Bring your biggest challenges. Spend a few days with people who care about your success. Thrive!


Getting There and Away

  • Please use the link “Getting There – The Studio Location” on each location page to help you plan your travel.
  • When you arrive at a recommended accommodation, you will have a place to arrive and be within walking distance of the studio.
  • Sunday evening “social” location will be sent via eventbrite email before the event, as will the exact location of the studio for Monday morning.
  • You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the studio locations. Use the link to the travel guide on each studio destination page for help.
  • Please contact us if you need any help or suggestions.


  • Saturday morning, no official program.
  • Saturday all day is free-time and saying good-bye.


  • Sunday morning and day is free-time.
  • Sunday night, social event begins after dinner.
  • Official activities will only start on Monday morning.

Sunday night to Friday night – M Studio time. Make the most of it!



  • Complete this questionnaire to get invited as a volunteer.
  • Provide your contact information and we will schedule a time to connect.
    We will explain all information regarding being a volunteer at the M Studio during the call. This will include the type of work, insurance, travel and accommodation questions, etc…
  • Once you are accepted, you will be able to select and purchase the volunteer ticket.
  • Remember, find four (4) friends to pay and receive your M Studio ticket for free.


We provide recommendations for three levels of walking-distance accommodation. That way, you can find your perfect place at your perfect budget. Some locations may include free accommodation. Remember: These are only recommendations. Please book the accommodations you see fit.

We generally select our locations based on the following criteria:

  • Mix of urban and rural experience
  • Walking distance to food, transportation, culture, coffee
  • Ability to access vegetarian and special diet food
  • Destinations that inspire travel
  • Access to good quality WIFI
  • Natural beauty and adventure activities
  • Good value accommodation
  • Extended collaboration with other mission driven organizations
  • Environment that supports the monthly theme
  • Work spaces where meditation is “normal”
  • Places that encourage exploration
  • Urban villages that inspire innovation


Personal and Organizational Attention:

  • Dive into authentic collaboration with other leaders changing the world through work and career.
  • Engage management theory and strategic planning for your vision and apply lean startup tools like the business model canvas.
  • Join a design driven M Studio team project to experience this process.
  • Benefit from the Purpose-Action-Vision framework to direct personal and organizational alignment.
  • Learn how to be an authentic leader, even in the face of overwhelming odds or overpowering corporate cultures.
  • Luminaries will bring their own insight and clarity to share with you.


Thrive with Meditation:

  • Non-religious engagement of meditation practices
  • Meditation as a tool for authentic leadership
  • Mindfulness practice, including bullet-time communication training
  • Mind calming meditation, insight meditation, noting meditation, loving-kindness meditation, walking meditation and journal writing
  • Action training to build meditation into habit
  • Tech tips and best apps
  • Creating a supportive and fun engagement where mind, body, voice, and focus are supported
  • Creating an environment where mind, body, voice and focus stay aligned when work is added to the mix

Q. What’s the deal?
A. Come join the studio and work from beautiful locations with connected people. Instead of just enjoying this for a weekend conference or on a travel adventure, why not work and live in this environment for a week or month at a time?

Q. Who is this for?
A. M Studio is for people that want to explore another way of working and living. Do you enjoy exploration travel with fun, grounded friends? Are you open to discovering how your work can lead to prosperity? Do you want to explore your creativity and watching how it can impact the world? Are you ready to thrive in a life where there are no barriers between life and work? You don’t have to be a business graduate or an uber geek to join us for a week. There is room in the M Studio village for everyone.

Q. Am I working on my own project or are there projects I can join.
A. Yes. You can focus on your own work or experience the satisfaction of being part of M studio projects. You can also choose to spend your time NOT working and join us for the travel and inner journey exploration.

Q. How much collaboration?
A. We sprinkle small meaningful activities throughout the day to help everyone open, connect with others and breathe. We also provide focused fun with team-based design driven work  projects. Authentic collaboration usually starts around food, travel exploration, and just being kind to the people around you.

Q. Is this weird?
A. We encourage each other to live our values and impact the world through work, career, and business. We encourage each other to explore heart and mind. We respect others but also enjoy fun, curiosity, and adventure. More and more, people are working from their cell phones and laptops. Why not do it in a way that aligns with “self-actualized” connection? It’s not weird. It’s the future. Now.

Ticket prices range from FREE to $995/week per person. All prices in $USD.

  • FREE: Find four (4) friends or colleagues to join you and receive one M Studio ticket for free.
  • VOLUNTEER: We need volunteers for every location. In exchange for your daily service, you will get to join the M Studio for a discounted rate.
  • ADVANCED TICKETS: Purchase your tickets far enough in advance for significant discounts.
  • VIP TICKETS: Attendees with VIP tickets will receive a few extra special gifts during their stay with the M Studio.

Price includes programming, coaching, meditation, facilitation, WIFI, some theme costs, some activity transportation and space rental.

Accommodation costs are your responsibility. Please see the studio location links. In some cases, budget accommodations will be FREE.

With regard to food and local transportation, please follow your own budget. These are your own responsibility. Again, we aim to have different food options within walking distance, especially healthy vegetarian options. Please budget for transportation to and from the airport. The studio aims to create a “walking-distance” village wherever it is located.

Please read the ticket cancellation policies – there will be no exceptions. Please note that you will be required to sign a waiver, NDA, and non-compete upon arrival. Sounds so official, we know, but it’s necessary to make sure our business can keep providing service.

This was f*cking amazing!
Constanze, Germany
Thank you for explaining business to me. I am now enlightened.
Rohan, Scotland
I started going to a group meditation. I’ve really enjoyed it. And it’s all due to meeting you!
Katie, USA