Our mission is to make the benefits of meditation available to every workplace leader, team, and employee.


To Every Workplace, the Opportunity to Benefit from Meditation!

Noble Cause

Through our actions, a new generation of leaders (big and small) will activate their values, belong to self-actualized workplaces, and change the world.


  • With humility, our intention is to impact organizations to become “next generation” value engines at the forefront of improving the human condition.
  • We will ask corporations and executives to pay for our programs in order to partially fund our platform and to provide a level of quality that is commensurate with the impact.
  • We will provide a per diem to our MPPs. These volunteers, in their corporate careers, get paid the “big bucks” and deserve a platform where they can give their full attention without wondering if their hotel room or gas is being covered.
  • It is also our intention of providing real live amazing people to come into your organization and motivate leaders to meditate at least once a week. These facilitators are intended to bring wisdom, courage, joy, and fearlessness with them to ignite your full potential. There is NO app for that.
  • We will empower the program one amazing human relationship at a time for as long as organizations benefit from our involvement. Technology is important and will be curated, but human connection is at the core of our model, pricing, and vision.
  • Our mandate is to give the “M” word – Meditation – a place in the corporate lexicon. We will do this by providing a professional and high quality bridge, platform, and program that allows organizations to experience and understand the benefits of mediation on human capital, corporate culture, teamwork, and innovation. Only by measuring our program impact will we build the credibility of meditation in the workplace one client at a time.
  • Our mandate is also to support the very real human challenges in the corporate context. Teams, employees and leaders all suffer from stress, chaotic workdays, depression, greed, aggression, fear, anxiety, bullying and performance pressures on any given day. The M Program creates a stable, energizing place and time in your organization where humans can be humans.
  • Our platform and brand support a shift toward making corporate meditation facilitation an honorable and reputable profession that is worthy of welcoming into workplace culture.
  • We are an organization dedicated to gathering and supporting people that have benefited from meditation and are passionate about inspiring others. We are a friendship company that sells meditation.

Our Commitment

  • We will not use stock images of actors meditating in contrived corporate boardroom environments or worse, stock photos of actors in business suits meditating in a field or forest.
  • We specialize in providing non-religious meditation practice and taking time to relate this clarity to work culture, teamwork, and leadership challenges.
  • Think of us as friends worthy of respect that keep you and your people on track every week in order to open to the potential of dynamic culture, no ego teamwork, and leadership support.
  • We will never make you hold hands with anyone unless it just happens naturally. Meditation respects personal space.
  • We will not make you say or do anything that does not make cultural sense. The whole purpose is to help people discover clarity, not make them feel uncomfortable.
  • We will never encourage or participate in off-the-cuff psychoanalysis. Our experience is that this works against building benefits that support teams, employees, and leaders.
  • We will not support corporate bashing in any way. Every culture and every value chain has the potential to evolve.
  • Please see our Corporate Meditation Frequently Asked Questions for more information
Lift Off

Mission Launch

Our Mission Includes You. Time to Power Up!
Lift Off

Shared Values

  • Human connection over greed
  • Sharing over hording
  • Authentic over ego
  • Tribe over hero
  • Quality over quantity
  • Awareness over blinders

Corporate Form

We are a global organization. This has the advantage of making our program mostly apolitical. Our facilitators (MPPs) tend to reside in or near urban centers close to your headquarters and the offsite community events are tailored to your needs. We expect the program to be housed in an appropriate legal form such as a B-corp or a 501(c)3 Non-Profit in the near future. Currently, the M Program is housed in a numbered LLC.


Advisory Board Notice

Want to join us at the top level? Have bags of fiat currency aimed at changing the world? We are accepting advice.