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Meditation Retreat France

M Studio in France

The M studio is a collaboration space (with wifi) established each month in a new location to help you get the most out of life. It’s one part work. Bring your laptop. It’s one part creativity. Build with your ideas. It’s one part travel. Have fun exploring. It’s one part inner journey. Enjoy your meditation retreat time. We also recommend three levels of accommodation within walking distance to create a thriving village experience on any budget.

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THEME: Writers’ Retreat

Everyone has a book inside them. For some of us, it is a book about life. For others, it is content that feeds our marketing efforts for our business. For others, it is leaving a legacy. Is there a better place to get inspired to write than in the “2012, Most Beautiful Village in France Award” village of St.Cirque Lapopie?

Wake up in the sun, walk to the local bakery, settle in for your morning “chocolat”, greet friends with a smile and dive into the keyboard. Too hot? Walk down to the river for a swim. It will soon be lunch, so let’s get productive. Enjoy meditation with everyone overlooking the valley. Get inspired by the collective knowledge of the group. How best to use Amazon to self publish? What is the best way to boost our efforts? How best to translate our work? Learn from friends. Learn from authors.

Time to walk to the village, enjoy the local hikes, join teams of us heading deeper into the France experience. Time for amazing food as the sun sets. Time for amazing wine. Time to connect and enjoy life. Living inspired and accomplishing goals. Easy.


From our base camp, we will be working and enjoying the benefits of this bucolic paradise.

  • Live in the 2012 most beautiful village in France
  • Great river for swimming
  • kayak and canoe slides on the river
  • Barge river cruise
  • Local evening village parties
  • Amazing restaurants and local food
  • All big local tourist destinations
  • Special parties
  • French markets
  • Exploring the different facets of writing from art to business
  • Late night fun
  • Postcard living
  • The power of lavender sunsets

A typical Day in the French village with the M Studio:

  • Share amazing food and coffee
  • Early morning meditation and exercise
  • Goal setting and coaching
  • M Studio project team time
  • Focused work time
  • Adventure time
  • Story telling and public speaking practice
  • Photo shoot and video diary time
  • Share evening meals together at local restaurants
  • Inner journey time
  • Party fun and dancing time
  • Visiting local businesses and organizations
  • Midnight excursions
  • Tribe building
  • PURPOSE-ACTION-VISION TM practical framework guidance for personal / career / business



Your host, JP Brind’Amour develops business models aimed at nurturing human potential. He is chairman of the Leadership Collective, managing director at the Experience Agency, and co-founder of the M Program. He holds an Executive MBA with a specialization in information technology, an undergraduate degree in asian politics, and an MBSR program certification associated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School. As a creative market strategist, JP has worked with a broad range of industries including airline, SaaS software, real estate development, digital ad agencies, architecture and private health care. He has impacted projects with recognized brands including: Procter&Gamble, Microsoft, Brookfield, SMART Technologies and WestJet.

But most succinctly, JP considers how to solve the fundamental problem facing humanity, namely: how to solve the paradox of evolutionary consciousness. How can economics, politics, industry, population, energy, society, and science be aligned with morality and ethics to create a prosperous and sustainable roadmap? How can the “human nature” cycles of violence, power, and greed be eliminated once and for all while supporting growth, innovation and entropy? From a vocational viewpoint, this is the most exciting project of all.

Languages: English, French

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Week 4 >> July 23 – 30, 2016

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How often are you in an environment where inner journey and creative innovation are aligned? How often can you jump into design driven projects and be proud to impact the world? How often are you creating from a place of big encouragement and connection with others? How often is your work-life balance perfectly aligned?

Stop choosing between work and life. Jump into the M Studio whenever you can. It’s life worth living.

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