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The Story of Origami Troji

A tiny little horse made of paper rests while enjoying a smile. For such a tiny stature, big shoes to fill. For such a happy demeanor, overwhelming odds to beat.  Troji came to be in a world full of big potential and big distrust. Thankfully not much wind today, thinks our paper friend.

Born of Japanese paper art and Greek mythology, our little friend is now an ambassador. His purpose is to connect people with the potential of achieving joyful greatness in the workplace. He is given strength by the city dwellers that feed him and share their stories. He is standing on the shoulders of giants who have dedicated their lives to his purpose.  He is humbled by the incredible cultural winds that spur him forward. He knows he has a big role in changing how an entire world goes about working. But all this does not weigh on his spirit or his little paper legs because he holds a secret inside his folds.

After a brief rest, he trots forward to the next wall. He neighs the language of the gatekeepers. Some let him in, others scowl. So many frown. Once inside, he knows what to do. From his belly emerges the answer to so many questions. The answers will allow the city dwellers to find joy and strength.  They will enrich themselves with his clarity. Their city will burgeon bigger and brighter and the walls will become little specs of line. Some will use this clarity for good. Some not. Trot.

Forward. Into the distance our little horse gallops knowing that he leaves a touch of clarity within all the walls.

Why is Troji important?

Troji is an allegory of self-awareness.

What that means is that Troji is a safe place where we can talk about issues without including ourselves or our colleagues in our conversation. It’s not easy learning new behaviors or retraining ourselves to be strong through compassion. But when we have allegories where we are invited to explore at our own pace and find our own answers, it feels right. Contact us and we will send you Trojis for your workplace.

Troji’s current jobs:

  • Spends time in our marketing and outreach efforts (going from envelopes to people’s desks).
  • Spends time on t-shirts and M Gear proudly looking cool, fun, and sophisticated.
  • Coming alive through stories that people (like you) are writing about him.
  • Coming alive as one of the activities of the M Program in a box. Can you learn to make Troji?
  • Staying healthy to be an effective M mascot.

To send us your own paragraph talking about your own Troji style hopes and walls (allegorically, of course), please send your story via the contact form at the bottom of our contact page. Also feel free to join our mailchimp list and just maybe… get invited to one of our fun events.